What is Cleopatra Salt?


Cleopatra Salt is the top notch salt!

Origin of Cleopatra Salt

Cleopatra salt refers to rock salt obtained from the natural environment of Siwa Lake in the Sahara Desert of Egypt. ​


This Salt is formed by fossilizing the primitive seas naturally due to changes in the Earth's crust hundreds of millions of years ago.

It is located in a historic site where Egyptian civilization with a long history for thousands of years began.

Cleopatra Salt is famous for being used for beauty and health by Queen Cleopatra, who fell in love with General Antonius of Rome.

Cleopatra salt is not only called precious salt by the royal family and nobles, but is also loved by chefs who have a hard time choosing the cleanest and highest quality salt ingredients.


Cleopatra Salt is one of the cleanest salt in the world!

Cleopatra Salt for your health

Cleopatra Salt, extracting from beneath layers of sand, boasts the world's highest purity with over 99% NaCl.

Since it is located in a desert where human access is difficult, Cleopatra salt is produced in the cleanest preserved natural environment and out of reach of humans.

For thousands of years, royals and nobles have been caring for essential and precious gold to obtain electrolytes and minerals for beauty and health.


Therefore, our salt is free of pollution, soot, heavy metals, fine dust, and fine plastics.

Proudly, we supply you with the cleanest World Best Salt, Cleopatra Salt, with more than 99% pure sodium chloride and 1% mineral.


The scientific definition of Cleopatra Salt is from rock salt!

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Cleopatra salt is made from rock salt and is called Halite, and its chemical component is NaCl, easy to dissolve in water and has a salty taste. 


It often contains minerals such as magnesium and magnesium chloride, and it absorbs moisture in the air and dissolves (deliquescent). 

It is crystallized due to evaporation of seawater or salt lakes, forms a large deposit and penetrates into the upper stratum, forming a so-called rock salt dome.

Cleopatra Salt represents a crystal of a cube or an octahedron, and usually forms a mass or granular aggregate.

Hardness is 2.5, specific gravity is 2.1∼2.6.

Cleopatra salt is standardized and processed for a variety of purposes, and is widely used for food, bath, poultice, interior, brick, health, chemical raw materials, negative ion generator, and tinnitus treatment.


Cleopatra Salt is from Sahara desert around Siwa Lake!

The location

Cleopatra salt refers to rock salt obtained in the natural surroundings of Siwa Lake in the Sahara Desert of Egypt. Siwa Oasis (Arabic: واحة سيوة‎‎) is located between the Katara lowlands of Egypt's western desert (Sahara Desert) and the Egyptian sea sand, about 50 km from the Libya border and 560 km from Cairo. Cleopatra Salt mine has been developed along with history.

Cleopatra Salt is a salt formed by fossilization of the primitive sea due to a change in the earth's crust hundreds of millions of years ago.

It is a gift from nature that contains pristine purity and abundant minerals that have not been touched by humans.

Outside of the reach of humans, Cleopatra Salt is produced in the desert, where the cleanest preserved natural environment exists. Our salt is free of pollution, smoke, heavy metals, fine dust, and fine plastics.


Door to Door Delivery Service

Global Distribution

We have secured international standards such as ISO 22000:2005 and SGS component analysis, and are exported to 20 countries around the world including Europe and North America. 

We offer a variety of packaging and shipping options to meet the needs of customers who purchase Cleopatra salt products.

While supplying them to countries around the world, we have experienced ship sizes and containers according to the needs of various customers, and have the know-how to ship/deliver salt in large/small quantities.

Therefore, We can offer solutions and packaging options for safe and efficient delivery of Cleopatra salt.

- Container base : Various packaging options from 50kg Polyethylene bag to 25kg packaging 900kg Tots bag, 1ton bag, etc.

- International delivery: Chartered Bulk ships of at least 20,000 tons, etc.

- Domestic delivery: Local courier, etc.

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The Best Chef's choice, Cleopatra Salt!

Usage of Cleopatra Salt

​It is used for beauty and health as used by Queen Cleopatra, who fell in love with General Antonius of Rome. It is called the precious treated like gold by the royals and nobles.

And nowadays it is widely favored by chefs who are fastidious to choose the cleanest and highest quality ingredients salt.

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Cleopatra Salt offers world-class various salt products!

Products introduction

Cleopatra salt is essentially clean, making it a superlative salt with a bright white color, the "real" color of the salt.

Cleopatra salt, used by famous chefs in the world's finest restaurants, is the world's best salt and is widely used for household, dining, and food ingredients. For bulk purchases, please contact a local wholesale store, and for retail purchases, please contact a supermarket or local distributor.


Initially mined salt is a large crystal form, but large salt crystals are often crushed three or four times. Using a grinding mill, we make and supply small particles suitable for use according to the purpose of use.

Cleopatra salt is produced in the cleanest and cleanest areas in the world, so it is free of microplastics or pollutants.

Today, Cleopatra Salt is popularly used by the famous chefs using a grinder to sprinkle Cleopatra's coarse salt on food. It is also used at the factories for food processing and raw material producing.

It's a chunk of rock salt in this crude form that contains rather large crystals. Salt is a basic material used to make products essential for our lives, and is useful in various industrial applications such as baking soda, work tools, raw materials for various industrial products, and road ice making.

The highest quality Cleopatra salt, which is the most suitable for food as refined salt, is famous for its purity of 99% and its pure  bright white beauty.

* Common rock salt Product 

* Washed rock Salt product

* Refined Rock Salt Product
- Kitchen Salt 

- Table Salt 

- Fine powder Salt (herb, gold, etc)

- Tablet Salt

* Other salt products

- Iodized Salt: Various Cleopatra salt products are sold in all over the world such as iodized salt products, which we supply iodine containing products to domestic and overseas customers who eat special meals.

- Tablet salt for water softener or special diets also available to order.

- Powder Salt for toothpaste is very useful for teeth care.



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