Edible Salt

Edible Cleopatra salt, which is used for food and food manufacturing as well as for high purity chemical products, is used in various ways.

Ultimately, it can be added to the finest ingredients and used as salt used to make food, or it can be sprinkled on food at the table and used for food. Transportation of various salt products used in food, food manufacturing plants, seafood centers, and restaurants can be carried in bulk or jumbo bags, and for small quantity sales, please contact the agency.

Industrial Salt

Cleopatra salt is produced in the one of cleanest and cleanest areas in the world.

Initially mined salt is a large crystal form, but large salt crystals are often crushed three or four times. Using a grinding mill, we make and supply small particles suitable for use according to the purpose of use.

When bulk rock salt is washed in brine, debris is removed and the salt is essentially clear, bringing it closer to a white "real" color of salt.