Industrial Salt
Superior Manufacturing Salt

Common rock salt It's a chunk of rock salt in this crude form that contains rather large crystals. Salt is a basic material used to make products essential for our lives, and is useful in various industrial applications such as baking soda, work tools, raw materials for various industrial products, and road ice making.

Washed Crushed Salt

When bulk rock salt is washed in brine, debris is removed and the salt is essentially clear, bringing it closer to a white "real" color of salt. Useful for industrial and chemical applications, this washed coarse salt can ultimately be used for table salt production or edible use and can be transported in bulk or jumbo bags.

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* Industrial delivery:

- chartered Bulk ships of at least 20,000 tons, etc.


* Delivery to domestic wholesale stores

- Truck, Container base (using container)

- Various packaging options from 25kg Polyethylene bag to 50kg packaging

- 900kg bag, 1ton bag, etc.

*Delivery to domestic retail stores

- Courier, etc.

- Small package options including 250g, 500g, 1kg, etc.

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