Edible Salt



 Initially mined salt is a large crystal form, but large salt crystals are often crushed three or four times. Using a grinding mill, we make and supply small particles suitable for use according to the purpose of use. Cleopatra salt is produced in the cleanest and cleanest areas in the world.



The size of the salt crystal can be adjusted uniformly to 0-1mm, 0-3mm, 0-6mm, 0-8mm, 0-10mm, 0-12mm, etc., through the screening process. The highest quality Cleopatra salt, best suited as table flower salt, has been used for thousands of years on the table of royal palaces and nobles by hand by demanding chefs.



When bulk rock salt is washed in brine, debris is removed and the salt is essentially clear, bringing it closer to a white "real" color of salt.

Washed salt, which is used for food and food manufacturing as well as for high purity chemical products, is used in various ways.

Ultimately, it can be added to the finest ingredients and used as salt used to make food, or it can be sprinkled on food at the table and used for food. Transportation of various salt products used in food manufacturing plants, seafood centers, and restaurants can be carried in bulk or jumbo bags, and for small quantity sales, please contact the agency.


The First Snow
Rich Salt
Shaining Star
Cleopatra Salt

Be healthy and well-being

구이 스테이크와 녹색 콩

Enjoy your meat with Cleopatra Salt!

Experience the purity

You can enjoy your meat with Cleopatra Salt, The Most Distinguished Bright White Salt in the world.
Use the Cleopatra Salt to your meat and you will enjoy exotic delicacies in your mouth. Think of your health and be careful of harmful chemical ingredients. 
Cleopatra Salt is safest and cleanest salt in the world used by picky chefs putting on the table of Royal families and nobles. 

Be healthy and well-being

식품 Knolling

Design your food with Cleopatra Salt!

Be healthy and well-being

Do you have salts with find plastics or mercury or harmful chemical ingredients in your kitchen? Whether you prefer a trendy color or look or you were using for a long traditional time. It is very obvious that there’s a stunning chance for everyone to use Cleopatra Salt, the Brightest Salt in the world.

Be healthy and well-being

레몬 연어

Get inspired with new recipe

Cook your delicacies

Cleopatra salt is pure so that you can fully enjoy all the ingredients used. Create your own recipes that are free of impurities and don't cause subtle taste changes. And share a number of cooking tips to inspire others. We hope you enjoy your own meal that has not changed with Cleopatra salt. good luck!